[pearl pomegranate has a way correctly] how does _ eat _ to eat law encyclopedia –

[pearl pomegranate has a way correctly] how does _ eat _ to eat law encyclopedia –

Article introduction

Pomegranate is a kind of common fruit, the nutrient material in pomegranate is very rich, often eat pomegranate to have aperient effect, pomegranate still has hairdressing to raise colour action, often eat pomegranate at ordinary times, right healthy have profit very much, pomegranate although nutrient value is rich, but the person that has had pomegranate knows, pomegranate pares particularly hard commonly, eat actuallyForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Pomegranate is exquisite means method, introductory pearl pomegranate has a way correctly below.

 Pearl pomegranate has a way correctly

Pearl pomegranate has a way correctly


Clean washbasin 2, clean water, a clean dish

Of pomegranate have a way detailed measure:

1, above all we take the pomegranate that buys from market, put to clean desktop.

2, take a clean cloth, put pomegranate below, take out fruit knife, pomegranate from which cut two half. A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

3, after incision, we can try to take out the fruit bead inside, really those who comparative is not easy, and or, those who reckon the person that does not have patience is the most irritated is to eat pomegranate.

4, fasten at that time urgent, take out the washbasin with good precondition first, enter clean water, take the pomegranate of incision again then in putting water.

5, cut before into general pomegranate to be broken forcibly in water two half.

6, break again next, give the fruit bead inside pomegranate take, because turn on the water in, take out fruit bead so exceedingly simple.

7, differ meeting and, all fruit bead can be taken, heavy in benthic.

8, then, meeting float is worn above the fruit garment inside a few pomegranate, take out another pot, pour water to go in (do not connect fruit bead to arrive together go in)

9, after be over, take out a tray again, take the fruit bead inside the basin, put in dish.

 Pearl pomegranate has a way correctly

The nutrient value of pomegranate:

Substantial nutrient part is contained a lot ofin pomegranate, can very good complement1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Human body place requires nutrient element, have hairdressing to raise the effect of the Yan Kang consenescence, eye that still can protect us. Often feed additionallyLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
Still have the powerful effect of very good counteractive bacterium and virus with pomegranate, and have very good therapy effect to a few dermatosis and cancer. Pomegranate still can protect our heart, adjust the athletic frequency with normal heart, bate our blood-vessel, enrich the blood the effect that raises spirit.

What does the advantage that takes pomegranate have

1. protects blood vessel

Pomegranate has a lot of invigorate the circulation of blood to change Yu function, have the redundant oil in the cleared blood-vessel with OK and effective pomegranate, reduce hematic fat, the circulation that can quicken blood so is current, systemic blood circulation is current, blood-vessel also can become afresh bate is bouncy, so we to cardiovascular disease be anxious alsoShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Can put down.

Say so, pomegranate suits old people edible very much, protect the blood vessel of old people effectively, prevent the effect of sclerosis of arterial congee appearance and process of slow down canceration, the result that compares claret even is much better.

 Pearl pomegranate has a way correctly

2, fight consenescence

Pomegranate also is a kind of food that fights consenescence, often the person of edible pomegranate, the skin can become better and better, whole person looks young also many. And the vitamin that contains a lot ofin pomegranate and carotene are very good antioxidant, can prevent cellular canceration not only, and can check the freedom inside body effectively base, protective airframe not by freedom base damage, add the effect of invigorate the circulation of blood of pomegranate, 3 person be united in wedlock, say so, of pomegranate combatting anile effect also is very showing.

3, drive bug kills insect

Pomegranate skin and skin of pomegranate tree root all contain pomegranate Pi Jian, have anaesthetic effect to the helminth of human body, it is drive bug pesticidal wants drug, be opposite especially of tapeworm exterminate action stronger, can use at treating bug to accumulate bellyacke, itch to wait.

4, protect intestines and stomach

Eat pomegranate to still can exterminate the bacterium inside alvine path, make alvine path more healthy thereby, digestible energy force is more powerful, body immunity force gets rising, in autumn, although weather begins cool, but intestines and stomach gets more easily still bacterial enroach on, cause diarrhoea, dysenteric disease to appear.

Adding Chu Qiu is a rainy season, what seasonal change brings is the weather with fine fugacious rain, this brings about the meeting in food to cause an a few mould, if eat,eat these food, also be very adverse to intestines and stomach so.

And pomegranate has apparent curb bacterium and convergent effect, can make mucous membrane of intestines and stomach produces convergence, make the secretion of mucous membrane of intestines and stomach decreases, can restrain harmful to intestines and stomach coliform organisms and dysenteric bacili so, achieve the effect that protects mucous membrane of intestines and stomach, the circumstance of diarrhoea also can get alleviating, such our intestines and stomach also can become healthy.

5, hairdressing protects skin

We know, vitamin C is contained in all fruits, this also is dietetics home all the time praise highly reason of our edible fruity. And acerbityShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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In sweet fruit, the content of vitamin C is richer, the pomegranate with acerbity sweet acid need not say more more, and vitamin C just is very good to the skin material, so pomegranate is the effect that having hairdressing to protect skin.

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