[confinement in childbirth can take lotus root starch] _ pregnancy _ affects –

[confinement in childbirth can take lotus root starch] _ pregnancy _ affects –

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The female is in food is special key during confinement in childbirth, do not know via often can having a woman should1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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What to eat. If be a mother,the circumstance of lacteal feed falls, should drink water of a few soup to be helpful for issueing a grandma more. What the stodge eats as far as possible is a few properer, can not eat vegetable only, the flesh kind also need proper affiliation. Lotus root starch is the food of reduce internal heat of a kind of healthy nutrition, but the puerpera is special group, can confinement in childbirth take lotus root starch?

Can confinement in childbirth take lotus root starch

Can the puerpera take lotus root starch

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, unripeA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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But disappear Yu cool blood, clear irritated heat, stop vomit is thirsty, the woman is postpartum diet raw or cold food, alone not avoid lotus root, have very good disappear Yu effect because of lotus root namely. Accordingly, the lying-in woman can have lotus root starch. Especially lotus root treatment comes into lotus root starch ripe hind, its sex by cool become lukewarm, although lost the property of disappear Yu, clear heat, turn into however beneficial to taste, have blood of the method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood that raise a stomach, beneficial, stop the effect of have diarrhoea.

When breakfast, develop the lotus root starch that on one bowl of small glittering and translucent get rid of appears with boiled water, light lotus root is sweet special conduce to appetizing. From the point of nutrient angle, can assure to absorb enough carbohydrate not only, still have C of a few vitamins and prandial thread at the same time. If drink congee in the morning everyday, might as well now and then change taste, will nod lotus root starch, like to eat sweet of the mouth, nod honey, brown sugar or still can be being added appropriately is sweet-scented osmanthus. Do with lotus root starch afternoon adding meat also is right choice.

Can confinement in childbirth take lotus root starch

Everybody also can abstain edible of lotus root starch in the home: Above all, Shanghai night net

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slice of lotus root gross, to accelerate dry rate, can first on evaporate 5 minutes of; next, lotus root piece the insolation on the gauze that tile is in clean, etc insolation, bask in after appearing, put mortarLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Powder is pounded in can.

How does lotus root starch eat

Cool and refreshing lotus root starch freezes: Take lotus root starch right amount after; boiler is changed to turn on the water in cold water, frame burn on fire, enter right amount white sugar, Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Change, enter paste of lotus root starch, agitate Chengwei is Brown, lotus root starch ripe. In taking lotus root starch of candy of a bit sweet-scented osmanthus next, increase fragrance. In putting lotus root starch recipient then, it is OK to will put freezer to refrigerate two hours above of the container of lotus root starch next.

Cake of sweet-scented osmanthus lotus root starch: Right amount lotus root starch and glutinous ground rice are put into the bowl in, add add Bai Sha candy, sweet-scented osmanthus candy and right amount water, agitate is mushy, take container then, last on the shop film, last after on a few oil are being wiped on film, paper into lotus root starch, on boiler evaporate is ripe OK, the stripping and slicing after refrigeration.

Can confinement in childbirth take lotus root starch

A thick soup of corn of milk of lotus root starch: Above all, ; milk heats 3 minutes to send 4 minutes high with microwave oven high internal heat in corn, will winkle of a skin on boiled milk comes to; lotus root starch to add agitate of cold boiled water above milk even, in the milk that the lotus root starch with even mix pours to heat, lotus root starch of lean to one side at the same time agitate, what like by oneself is sweet degree add right amount white sugar, a thick soup of lotus root starch that has mixed loads container, put above bite ripe corn but.

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