Pop chart of sales volume of Steam a week ” dark soul 3 ” obtained 3 Lian Guan

Pop chart of sales volume of Steam a week ” dark soul 3 ” obtained 3 Lian Guan

Steam platform published oneself platform the closest a week (arrived on April 18 on April 24) sale rank, ” dark soul 3 ” obtain successfully 3 Lian Guan. ” the rocket is allied ” depending on try freely on the weekend play and depreciate the result that a list of names posted up on sales promotion success obtained the 2nd.

Steam platform regards the whole world as the biggest original game platform, the newer rate of its stand-alone game and game quality are better, a characteristic of this platform is all game meeting course chooses ability can appear on this platform, buy for everybody and amuse oneself.

The game of sheet of this Zhou Xinjin a list of names posted up has athletics of old brand sports kind game ” the rocket is allied ” and FPS kind game ” rainbow 6: Besiege ” with the independent game with auspicious public praise ” different star factory ” , still have a new instant strategy at the same time kind game ” fleet of elder brother spy: A Mada ” .

” dark soul 3 ” successful 3 Lian Guan, delectable but congratulate. Actually ” black mood ” the exercises oneself skill that series makes a player ceaseless in the death, course that gets cruel namely originally. Go fostering oneself absolutely not crestfallen spirit. ” the rocket is allied ” by right of free on the weekend and depreciate sales promotion rises successfully to the 2nd. Nevertheless regrettablly is this game considers hanged VPN not certain also sometimes can go up repeatedly, the misfortune that is compatriots ” fleet of elder brother spy: A Mada ” be on April 22 the instant strategy of put on sale kind game, this game basis ” battle hammer 40K ” model game ” fleet of elder brother spy ” make, the picture is same nevertheless outstanding also many, be worth to play. ” CS: GO ” this period the rank rises two, rank at present 4. Ranking the game of the 5th is ” dark soul 3 ” the figure is plush edition, and on period photograph compared this game rank to drop 2.

R star blows hard ” GTA5 ” the rank rises 3, rank at present 6. And the athletics that ranking the game of the 7th is Yo green jade kind game ” rainbow 6: Besiege ” still be to depend on dozen of a list of names posted up on the dominant position that lose, corresponding, we are advanced 10 cannot have found ” whole area blocks ” shadow. The game that actually Yo greens jade is very outstanding, just this game company is not to be in optimize a respect to drop chain to drop chain in server respect namely. An again outstanding game matchs server of broken bits of a broken bits Yo greens jade, such going down are you returned can strong a few years? ” the star shows cereal ” maintain in the 8th changeless. ” different star factory ” go up again a list of names posted up, rank at present the 9th, of this game be being counted reputably still is 98% , undertook on April 22 version is updated meanwhile, also got of many players reputably. And ranking the game of the 10th is ” final illusion 9 ” , and on period photograph is made than this this period drop 6.

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