[climb should take what thing] _ climbs _ prepares _ how to equip – of _ equipment item

[climb should take what thing] _ climbs _ prepares _ how to equip – of _ equipment item

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Discovery, climb healthy to ours it is very advantageous, climb the digestion function that can improve us, improve the function that our lung breathes, still can enhance immune power, fat to the body for, still can have very good effect reducing weight, as a whole, climbing is an outdoors campaign that fits most person, so what to climb need is taken? Everybody introduction gives below:

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Climb should take what thing

When the summer but stock the following kinds of commonly used medicines and chemical reagents, in case urgent need.

1. Prevent heatstroke to reserve medicine: Water of healthy atmosphere of person red, 10 drops, wrinkled giant hyssop.

2. Midge bites, bug bites the skin Sao that cause to itch reserve medicine: Wind oily essence, cool and refreshing oil, safflower oil.

The hill of a few tourist attractions climbs inside short time, do not need what kind of equipment, but do not wear leather shoes, new shoe, high-heeled shoes and sandal, dress these shoes are unsuited the route that goes remote region, rugged and wet slippery road, and thenar have bubble easily, vulnerability of crural ministry skin. What mountaineer aptly is shoe of lighter sneaker, travel and shoe of glue base fabric. But if be to should climb wild mountain, have oneFall in love with the sea

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Decide height, and have climb the mountain that climbs difficulty, had better deserve to be like the equipment below: (1) map, (2) compass, (3) headlight (contain reserve bulb and batteries) , (4) reserves food and water, (5) reserves clothings, (6) sunglass, (7) Switzerland sabre, (8) kindling, (9) lighter, (Box of 10) emergency treatment.

Climb advantage

1, footwork takes exercise- – make double base agile and strong, climbing is one of optimal kind that have paymenting to a porter taking exercise.

2, climb can promote blood capillary function- – unobstructed of bright of easy of sensory whole body.

3, it is OK to climb strong anything resembling a tendon or vein be good at bone.

4, ” forest bath “- – green hygiene. Enter a forest, postscript hill ford, jing Sai repose, the energy spirit of systemic bath forest and aroma, abluent city hubbub, relaxed and happy.

5, climb the power that can enhance ministry of waist, leg apparently, advanceLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Speed, endurance, the harmony of the body balances the fitness such as ability, strengthen function of heart, lung, enhance disease-resistant ability.

Fall in love with the sea

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6, climb belong to violent campaign, body unwell the person should not climb.

Above is a few goods that everybody introduced to climb need is taken, often climb still can alleviate very well our psychosis, if we often can go in natureShanghai noble baby

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Go, with contact of nature close quarters, the OK and very good psychosis that improves us, climb hill to also can release the job and the pressure that learn very well, everybody is not prevented go to Dashanli more when rest.

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