Month: June 2019


Facebook is eyeing One Madison Avenue The tech giant is in talks with landlord SL Green

A rendering of One Madison Avenue and Mark Zuckerberg (Credit: KPF and Getty Images)

Facebook is in talks to lease office space at SL Green Realty s One Madison Avenue. The move echoes that of companies like Google and Amazon who are expanding their footprints in New York and establishing the city as an East Coast tech hub.

It s unclear exactly how much space the social media company is looking to take, but landlord SL Green is looking to build an additional 18-story tower on the site, according to the New York Post. The addition would bring t上海夜网 阿爱上海同城he building s total rentable square footage to 1.5 million square feet. Citing sources, the Post also reported that negotiations for Facebook to take 870,000 square feet at 63 Madison Avenue may have ended.

The company currently has 266,000 square feet at 225 Park Ave爱上海同城论坛 爱上海同城nue South and 758,000 square feet at 770 Broadway.

SL Green this month released renderings showing plans for a new tower atop the base of the building, which sits adjacent to the iconic the 700 foot-tall Flatiron District clock tower overlooking Madison Square Park. The 1.1 million-square-foot granite building is fully leased by Credit Suisse, which will move out when its lease expires in 2020.

Since Amazon s announcement last month上海贵族宝贝 上海千花网龙凤论坛 that it would move a campus to Queens Long Island City, many observers have seen the opportunity for New York新上海贵族宝贝论坛 上海贵族宝贝交流区 to become more of a Sil[……]

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Queens I

Queens I-sales bounced back in 2018 with big institutional deals 75% of dollar volume was in northwestern Queens

Parker Towers at  104-20 Queens Boulevard and 1 QPS tower at 42-20 24th Street in Queens爱上海同城手机版 新爱上海同城对对碰论坛 (Credit: Apartments and 1 QPS Tower)

The Queens investment sales market spiked up significantly in 2018 from the year before, coming just short of 2016 s dollar volume.

Overall, the borough saw $4.67 billion of activity across 619 deals involving 779 buildings last year, according to a new report from Ariel新爱上海同城对对碰论坛 上海同城对对碰交友社区 Property Advisors. This was a 39 percent increase in dollar volume, but just a 7 percent increase in deal volume and a 2 percent increase in building volume from 2017. The dollar volume was slightly less than 2016 s total of $4.71 billion.

A few big deals in the multifamily market helped boost the borough’s dollar total, even as the number of multifamily trades declined.

“Since fewer properties were sold, large institutional-caliber acquisitions were a substantial driver behind these strong figures,” Ariel director Alexander Taic said.

The large increase in dollar volume was driven by a pair of massive multifamily deals, which made up 16 percent of the total. In August, Carlye Group broke the borough s record for a rental building transa新上海贵族宝贝论坛 上海贵族宝贝交流区ction, paying $284 million for the 1 QPS tower in Long Island City. And a month later, Blackstone acquired the Parker Towers rental complex for $475 million.

The multifamily sector was the most active with 295 sales a[……]

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Equity Residential earnings

“Rent control is a risk, just like climate change: Equity Residential unbowed by 爱上海同城 爱上海affordable advocates The Chicago-based REIT reported strong Q1; has 80K units in markets including NY, SoCal

Mark Parrell

Multifamily investor Equity Residential reported higher earnings in the first quarter thanks to continued demand for rentals and a “sizeabl上海千花网交友 上海千花网论坛e drop in new competitive supply” in its properties in the New York and Boston markets.

The Chicago-based REIT reported first-quarter revenue of $662.3 million, up from $632.8 million in the first quarter of 2018. It was also an increase from the fourth quarter s $652.6 million.

Funds from operations per share were up 14.1 percent and net operating income per share was up 6.5 percent year over year.

Mark Parrell, who took over as the firm’s CEO Dec. 31, said during a Wednesday earnings call that New York and Boston were particularly strong markets in the first quarter.

“We’re really bullish on New York long term,” he said.

But he added he is optimistic about the outlook in all of the REIT s markets.

“We like the demand picture across the board. We feel really good,” he said.

While it didn’t acquire any new properties during the first quarter, Equity has since closed on the sale of a 266-unit building at 800 Sixth Avenue in New York to Greystar for $237.5 million, Parrell said.

Equity did spend nearly $259 million on three properties totaling 579 units in Jersey City, N.J., Seattle and Denver. In April, after the qua爱上海同城手机版 新爱上海同城对对碰论坛rter closed[……]

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Game of horror of continuance of Jing Song experience ” pineal body ” will land lead plane platform in Feburary

Now, iceberg Interactive announces subordinate and horrible game ” pineal body ” will land lead plane platform in Feburary this year, lead plane player also will OK experience this game. Propagandist video:
” pineal body ” it is a horror takes a risk kind of game, the novel that draw materials writes at Luofukelafute ” mad mountain range ” . The Frank that the player acts is a professor of anthropologic courtyard, be stranded to be in alone antarctic inspects base. He will explore riddle in antarctic base, open oneself dream, idolum and memory gradually, little discovers the clew of the bury in game gut and secret. ” pineal body ” mainframe version transplanted raw ingredient of former juice of PC version content to come over, in addition, xbox One X and PS4 Pro version still can undertake strengthening in the light of the picture, the player can choose function mode or picture mode, former will move with 60 frame, latter moves in 30 frame, but can offer higher resolution. ” pineal body ” the date of particular put on sale of mainframe version was not announced, expect please. [……]

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” battleground 5 ” the player leaves hang surround by teammate cannot move to be died by tank make friends

” battleground 5 ” hang outside PC edition a bit rampant recently, but the processing that DICE and EA hang external is bad. Since official that’s all right serves as, can rely on players only oneself were solved.
Foreign netizen shared on Tiwtter recently ” battleground 5 ” hang a player to surround the video that block up by teammate. In video, can see this leaves hang player fluoroscopy, and aim at automatically, gun gun needs the dead, really frenzied, teammate sees no less than going to. Then his teammate surrounded him rise, bring about him himself to cannot move, at this moment tank of the other side left to come over, be pressed dead next. Must say, foreign player is honest too lovely, him sacrifice, penalty hangs B, this operates admire making a person. But look from another angle, this kind of phenomenon is very lamentable still, after all this is caused as a result of official nonfeasance. [……]

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Bioware admits game experiences not beautiful to ” anthem ” the player apologizes

” anthem ” head hair experience all sorts of problems, be denounced by the player, to put on sale before tall for the couplet net game that expects a cost already common occurance (for instance ” developmental ” ” imitate city ” ” drive club ” ” battleground 4 ” etc) , but players had made the later period in game in succession now, discovery ” anthem ” end content also has a lot of problems. For instance the one old end in game plays law content, fastness carbon, the problem of existence also is from head hair begin to did not get settlement. The player expresses in post of the hair on Reddit, although had thrown playtime of 80 hours, he / the mist wall that there is to cannot be passed from beginning to end between she and equipment of the first legend. ” anthem ” chief producer Ben Irving expresses publicly to this, they understand the problem that game end content exists already adequately, affirmatory meeting undertakes altering. “I just want to be bad player to experience an apology here, this is the part that I am in charge of directly. Arrive about the problem of fastness I this is to won’t push others. I can offer a few explanations, but the experience also cannot be changed after saying. I think those who do is the plan that tells everybody us truly, let everybody need not continue to encounter these bitter cases in fastness. ” one kind settles way, can solve temporarily before passing patch rehabilitate formally at least: In mist wall right one side revives. But th[……]

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This who must live very? Outside intermediary: ” wolf ” the player that should respect it joins gigantic breed

Some time ago, beautiful intermediary ” Forbes ” ” the player that the wolf should respect it, need adds simple die type ” the article aroused 1000 billow. What the author works in the same place is draw to refute before long after the article is released. Till recently, industry is right ” wolf ” the discussion of simple die type throws incessant Yu Er, include ” azure ” development business gives ” wolf ” simple die type is raised action discuss how to be designed, and ” Ares 4 ” the individual view that chief inspector Cory Barlog expresses, say ” join simple die type to be able to expand get numerous group ” . This moment is done all along strange outside intermediary TheHardTimes also loiter heat, “The viewpoint is novel ” the text that they released to be full of acid imply: ” wolf ” the player that should respect it, join move overflow in that way gigantic breast. . . Be worth what carry is, this text that intermediary TheHardTimes releases outside, besides content, the form that connects begin also is to follow painstakingly ” Forbes ” that article will write, acid effect is dye-in-the-wood. Full text is as follows: Of FromSoftware ” wolf ” already put on sale, aroused industry to be opposite join ” suit difficulty of amuse oneself of all type player ” the dissension of this one problem discusses. This kind of viewpoint, to me this kind wants them to be in in all game for the player that joins gigantic breed, especially correct. Of their put on sale each make, I hope[……]

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The player is sad ” derelict ground 3 ” the likelihood won’t roll out DLC ” treasure hunter “

Recently, ” derelict ground 3 ” after Randy Pitchford of presiding apparitor of development business Gearbox claims to make put on sale newly won’t roll out DLC probably ” treasure hunter ” . Randy Pitchford explains further: At present the main energy of our group can be put in game this piece on development work, although we also had considered to cost a few time to be used at making to extend content, but from the point of all sorts of data, we still had better put the central issue in what have this piece on content, let players at least can now a serious experience part grow etc play a way. Look so, gearbox is to hope the player can experience adequately a part content, is not mix a few new roles again in game, this means the DLC that includes new part ” treasure hunter ” the likelihood does not have play. Nevertheless, the player that hopes to be able to see new role also need not too too brokenhearted, because develop business Gearbox to did not affirm completely ” won’t roll out new role forever ” this one view, accordingly also very they won’t alter future of it’s hard to say idea. ” derelict ground 3 ” will on September 13, 2019 put on sale, land PC, PS4 and Xbox One platform. [……]

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Small dark green of Xue Zhiqian VS ” magical catastrophe ” do not be restricted number opens measure direct seeding battle array

3D action hero swims to battle net ” magical catastrophe ” do not be restricted formally on April 1 date open shortly, open the night that measures first days of evening to still will stage divine battle at 20 o’clock, the small dark green of goddess of contest of modest VS report of Xue of star big Ga. Now, the battle array of nocturnal direct seeding of divine battle first exposure, famous advocate sow join a group in succession with super player, the battle array is luxurious starlight Yi Yi.

Evening is magical 20 o’clock sharp on April 1 the evening of battle has not arrive, billowy undercurrent has been raided, decisive battle atmosphere is all-time and rising. On March 27 late, xue Zhiqian releases long small gain to be ” magical catastrophe ” endorse, while big thrust esteems this game, also express will hammer and tongs, swear to take next competitions. As Xue Zhiqian oath wants the adversary of conquer, small dark green of electric contest goddess also issues small gain response in 28 days, still disclose again busy also meet small special example, looking also is firepower equipment is neat.


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” GTA ” core producer sues R star claim for compensation 150 million say share out bonus is buckled

Although R star is in ” car of hunt of pilfer of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct 5 ” go up gain basin full earthen bowl is full, but the message that gives off according to not long ago of Leslie Benzies of old of predecessor of R star north, r star and Take Two of its parent company can not expert on share out bonus. Because,also be such, this indignant predecessor BOSS still sued heavyweight of these two game in not long ago, ask for compensation of breathtaking 150 million U.S. dollor.

According to the view of Leslie Benzies, since after beginning on September 1, 2014, he was entered take salary off condition, but left his post in January this year after R star, the parent company Take Two of this game tycoon changed crooked state of mind on share out bonus however. Taking when firewood is off, mr Benzies discovers Take Two, r star, r star north and a few otherer the con conduct with serious existence of senior controller respect, the purpose is a hope the premium that compulsive Benzies leaves a company and through committee of share out bonus compulsive distrain ought attribute Benzies. Benzies representative lawyer is written in statement.

In addition, benzies still spoke of the unfair treatment that he undergoes. It is reported, after the end is off on April 1, 2015, when Benzies is trying to enter company of R star north, accident discovery does not have method to brush card to take the door, because of his identifying equipment had been[……]

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